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outdoor summer boredom busters
Self-Sufficient Kids

17 Free Outdoor Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

When kids are out of school for the summer and the excitement wears off, the days can become long and boring. Make the summer meaningful and full of adventures and fun memories that your kids will remember forever. Having a wild and carefree summer does not have to break the bank. Keep your kids busy with these fun free outdoor summer boredom busters for kids. CLICK TO READ MORE.

lake fishing with kids
Self-Sufficient Kids

Lake Fishing with Kids: What to Know Before You Go

Lake fishing with kids is one of the ultimate adventures to do in the summer. You get to have a quiet peaceful lake on a summer afternoon all to yourself. However, being in and around water with kids is extremely dangerous. Don’t let that stop you and your family from having some fun in the sun on the lake together. Follow these important safety tips for lake fishing with kids and head out to the lake and catch some fish and make some fun memories! CLICK TO READ MORE.

river safety for kids
Self-Sufficient Kids

Ultimate Guide on River Safety for Kids

Kids love playing in the river. It’s wild, it’s fun, with so much to explore. It’s fun to toss sticks and branches into the river’s flow and watch them float away. The fish are fun to see and you might see some crawdads, crayfish, crawfish, or whatever you may call them, they are fun to catch. Taking your kids to the river on a hot summer day can be an incredible adventure full of natural curiosity and a great way to spend a summer day. However, rivers can be dangerous. Keep your kids safe with this ultimate guide on river safety for kids. Let’s learn the basic rules for river safety for kids. CLICK TO READ MORE.

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