Learn self-sufficiency skills by discovering how to open a can of food with your bare hands. Also, learn how to start a no-fail fire for survival. Discover how to build an off-grid rocket stove for off-grid cooking and heating. Light your home without batteries or electricity, and so much more.

Discover the best prepper items you need that the market has to offer. Learn why you should be stockpiling these items. Within these posts, you will find relief in knowing what you should be focused on stockpiling to ensure your family will be safe in any emergency situation.

Learn many self-sufficiency skills and how to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle for a continued life of self-reliance.

Learn how to superpower your home by completing a no-power survival challenge right in your home. Start by powering off your electricity for a day and taking notes on supplies you will need to survive the next power outage.

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