Cottage Garden

Learn how to grow a cottage garden of your own. Within these posts, you will discover what types of flowers to plant and what kinds of structures to add to create a beautiful cottage garden. Discover how to design one and how to allow the flowers to migrate and spread to create a beautiful mess.

Also, within these posts, you will discover how to build and create alive and seasonal window boxes full of flowers and adornments that perfectly fill out any window box.

Grow the most beautiful flowering trees, bushes, and flowers to create structure and dimension. Learn how to grow flowering dogwoods, redbuds, Washington Hawthorns, PeeGee hydrangeas, and more.

Cottage Garden

How to Grow and Care for Tulips

Learn how to grow and care for tulips, which are the first blooms to pop through the frosty ground in early spring and multiply each year! The best thing about tulips is that they can continue to grow with their regenerative power in a vase of water after being cut! Plus, they always arrive just in time for Easter! CLICK TO READ MORE.

peegee hydrangea tree
Cottage Garden

How to Grow and Care for a PeeGee Hydrangea Tree

Growing a PeeGee hydrangea tree in your yard or cottage garden will bring a large display of beautiful blooms that last all summer long. I live in Northern Utah and regular hydrangeas do not do well with the long harsh winters in my area. However, PeeGee hydrangea trees are frost-tolerant and cold hardy trees/shrubs that they are perfect for my climate. If you have issues growing hydrangeas, try growing PeeGee hydrangea trees and growing gorgeous hydrangeas in your garden. I love them so much, I planted two of them! CLICK TO READ MORE.

cottage garden
Cottage Garden

How to Design a Cottage Garden: Growing a Beautiful Mess

Cottage gardens are informal, fun, whimsical, colorful, beautiful, and practical. They are filled with native flowers, vegetables, herbs, bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and climbers. They provide dimension and structure to garden spaces and a safe haven for local pollinators. The best part is that cottage gardens are very much alive and they change year after year on their own if you allow them to do their own thing. With a few bulbs, seeds, and patience, you can design a cottage garden that will fill out your garden spaces naturally and beautifully. CLICK TO READ MORE.

Cottage Garden

How to Grow and Care for Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks bring delight to the garden with their tall gorgeous spring blooms. Did you know that the whole hollyhock plant is completely edible offering medicinal benefits, including roots, blossoms, and leaves? Hollyhocks can be a great substitute for the related herb plant called marshmallow. These plants can be beneficial to our health helping with inflammation of the respiratory tract, cough, stomach ulcers, bowel issues, urinary tract inflammation, and bladder stones. CLICK TO READ MORE.

cottage garden roses
Cottage Garden

How to Grow and Care for Roses

Rose bushes bring delight to the garden from their gorgeous spring blooms to the bountiful hips that follow in the fall season. You can be sure to be given a huge harvest from your rose bush so be prepared to learn how to preserve the rose petals if that’s your fancy! Learn how to grow, care for, harvest, and propagate rose bushes. CLICK TO READ MORE.

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