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Winter recipes and gardening projects.

I’m super passionate about gardening, even during those chilly months when most people think plants are hibernating. But guess what? There’s still so much you can do in your garden during winter – from growing cold-hardy veggies like kale and Brussels sprouts to planning out next year’s beds. And let’s not forget the recipes! Winter is all about hearty comfort food that warms your soul. So on my blog, I’ll be sharing amazing ways to incorporate your freshly grown produce into mouthwatering dishes. From delicious soups and stews to roasted root vegetables with herbs, my goal is to inspire you to embrace the true beauty of winter gardening and cooking. Trust me, once you experience the joy of harvesting your own ingredients in the midst of snowflakes dancing around you, you’ll never want to stop!

Fall Topics Include:


How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Image illustrates a Christmas gift with an evergreen twig.

Contribute to a greener planet while still cherishing the spirit of the holiday season with these eco-friendly Christmas tips!

Is Your Car Ready for Winter? The Ultimate Checklist for Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Image illustrates a car in the winter.

Prepare and equip your car with necessary items for a winter emergency car kit so you can navigate the winter roads safely with confidence.

Proven Hacks to Make Your Christmas Tree Survive

Image illustrates Christmas trees.

Do these essential steps to make your Christmas tree survive and maintain its beauty until the last day of the holiday season!

How to Winterize Your Home: Prepare for Jack Frost’s Wrath!

Image illustrates icicles hanging from a house.

Get your home ready to withstand the challenges of the cold season with these important tasks and discover how to winterize your home now.

Prep Your Pantry

Image illustrates Christmas cookies demonstrating 25 days of Christmas cookies.

Embark on a fun 25 days of Christmas cookies challange, which is an absolute blast and perfect for a cookie exchange party!

Bread Recipes

How to Make a Festive Gingerbread Cornucopia for Christmas

Image illustrates a breaded cornucopia.

Craft a festive Christmas gingerbread cornucopia with this easy recipe tutorial that has a slight twist to the original gingerbread house!

Canning Recipes

How to Make and Can Old Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

Image illustrates an old-fashioned cranberry sauce recipe.

Create delicious homemade old-fashioned cranberry sauce with this easy canning recipe tutorial and stock your pantry with this holiday treat!

How to Make and Can Cranberry Merry Jam

Image illustrates a cranberry merry jam recipe.

Create this flavorful holiday treat for a delicious addition to your breakfast table with this Cranberry Merry Jam recipe.

Winter Gardening

How to Winterize Your Vegetable Garden: Step-by-Step Checklist

Image illustrates a wheelbarrow in winter.

Do these necessary tasks and techniques to effectively winterize your vegetable garden for a successful growing season ahead.

For the Kids

How to Have a Safe and Exciting Mountain Sledding Experience with Teens!

Image illustrates a teen boy covered in snow from mountain sledding.

Discover how to create unforgettable memories while prioritizing safety in the majestic snowy landscapes while mountain sledding with teens!

Bird Watching

How to Winterize Your Bird Bath: Best Ice-Busting Techniques

Image illustrates a frozen bird bath in winter.

Do these best ice-busting techniques to winterize your bird bath and keep it functional and accessible throughout the winter months.

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