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A Little About Me

Hey there! I’m just your average girl trying to navigate this thing called life. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, constantly searching for new challenges and adventures to embark on. Whether it’s traveling to far-off places or tackling a difficult hike, I thrive on pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. My passion for learning is insatiable. You can usually find me buried in a book or taking nerdy online courses in my free time.

Additionally, when it comes to hobbies, I absolutely love photography and finding beauty in the simple things around me. But don’t be fooled by my quiet demeanor. I also have a wild side that comes alive when I’m dancing away at bon fires. Also I love indulging in some adrenaline-pumping activities like river tubing. Life is all about balance, and for me, it’s about embracing both sides of who I am. The calm and introspective wanderer, and the fearless adventurer always seeking thrills.

Who Am I, You Ask?

I am The Off Grid Barefoot Girl. A little about me, I was raised in the country hills of an old township out yonder. I live with my family on a small adorable five-bedroom brick cottage homestead. We have animals, gardens, and a small backyard orchard.

Currently, I homeschool my growing boys who were raised in a small private school. I am a former early childhood educator, care provider, and linguistics scriber. Consequently, I have been publishing content since I was a teenager. Excitedly, I was honored by many poetry publishing companies. It was amazing and I felt very proud to see my writings on paper for all to read. This is why I am a blogger today.

Importantly, I started my writing journey sitting very high up in tall trees out looking at gorgeous landscapes and sunsets. I would climb pine trees as high as I could with my backpack filled with notebooks and pens and get comfy in the long branches and begin writing.

Some more things about me, I have begun writing my very own eBooks that I offer on my website here via my Etsy shop. I can be found blogging my daily projects, recipe testing in my kitchen, seasoning cast iron pans, baking bread, and homemaking around my home.

I hope you stick around and read a thing or two here on my blog, where you will find fun gardening projects, silly animals, delicious recipes, and fun activities for kids (the teacher side of me) that you may find interesting or helpful.

Just a Prepper Girl In a Crazy World!

The Off Grid Barefoot Girl

I became a prepper because I believe in taking proactive measures to protect myself and my loved ones in the face of uncertainty. In today’s world, where natural disasters, economic instability, and unforeseen emergencies are increasingly common, being prepared is not just a precaution—it’s a necessity. By embracing the principles of preparedness, I empower myself to face any challenge with confidence and resilience. Whether it’s stockpiling essentials, honing survival skills, or developing emergency plans, prepping allows me to take control of my own safety and security. It’s about being self-reliant, adaptable, and ready for whatever the future may hold. In a world where the unexpected can happen at any moment, being a prepper isn’t just a choice—it’s a responsible and important way of life and I created this little blog to share with anyone who is interested in how I do it!

About My Site: The Off Grid Barefoot Girl

The Off Grid Barefoot Girl is an educational website presenting content on self-sufficiency and sustainable living, with a strong emphasis on gardening, off-grid living techniques, and eco-friendly practices. The website offers unique insights into alternative living methods such as hugelkultur, composting systems, and greywater usage.

Brand Personality of The Off Grid Barefoot Girl

Earthy, informative, and wholesome, the brand adopts an empowering tone encouraging a connection with nature and self-reliance. The site has a personalized touch, evident from the creator’s sharing of her background and a call to join her in adopting sustainable living practices.

Target Audience of the Off Grid Barefoot Girl

The likely target audience for The Off Grid Barefoot Girl includes men and women of various age groups who have an interest in gardening, sustainable living, and off-grid lifestyles. The audience may also consist of individuals looking to reduce their ecological footprint, embrace homesteading practices, or explore nature-connected activities like Earthing and barefoot grounding.

Theme Topics of The Off Grid Barefoot Girl

  1. Gardening Tips and Tricks
  2. Off-Grid Lifestyle Guides
  3. Homesteading Techniques
  4. Sustainable Living Practices
  5. Reducing Ecological Footprint


The Off Grid Barefoot Girl

Image illustrates a little bit about me as a  homesteader.

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