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Why Growing a Potato Patch Is Important for Survival

Growing homegrown potatoes in your backyard provides your family with a delicious healthy and versatile vegetable. You can turn a potato into so many recipes that these vegetables should be a staple in your yard and pantry. Growing a potato patch in just ten square feet can provide you with eighty to one hundred pounds of potatoes! Potatoes can be grown year round, stored long-term in their whole form, provide endless seed potatoes, versatile in dishes, and they are delicious. Let’s learn more about why growing a potato patch is important for survival. CLICK TO READ MORE.

companion planting
Vegetable Garden Projects

How to Do Companion Planting: Friends or Foes?

Plants that like each other, attract beneficial insects and pollinators to each other as well as repel pesky enemies to keep each other safe, happy, and healthy. Remember your tight-knit friend group in school when you all looked out for each other? Keeping your enemies out and your friends in is exactly the same thing that plants like to do too. When you keep their foes away from them, you will be preventing your garden from acquiring diseases and pests and find that you do not need extra help with chemicals just to be successful. If you skip companion planting in your garden, you are more likely to resort to using chemicals on your plants. CLICK TO READ MORE.

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